In the following we are going to write about the week we spent in Urnieta:

We arrived in Urnieta at 11:00 o´clock. First we went to the activity room to meet our teachers. We played some games to introduce ourselves and then we went to the bedrooms.
Everyday at half past one we had lunch. After lunch we all met to divide in 4 groups: Australia, U.S.A., Ireland and England. Afterwards, we played different games.
We usually got up at 8:00 o´clock and at 8.30 we had breakfast. We brushed our teeth and we started the classes. Each day we learned different things: the human body, water cycle, recycling, and healthy food.
After lunch, we played in the playground, and then we prepared the presentations for the evening, and after the snack, we did the presentations. At 19:30 we went to the bedrooms to have a shower, before having dinner.
After dinner, we always went to the activity room to do different activities: Games, Casino, we saw a film, and the last day "Disco". At 10:00 o´clock we went to bed.
We enjoyed the camp, we met different people and this is good for us.
We had a very good time.