​Maxim is 15 years old. He likes interviews. He was born in Mexico City.

He is in a boarding school in Germany because  a cousin advised them that this boarding school was interesting. He´s been in there for one year, this school year is his second one. There are 200 hundred students more or less in his school with different nationalities: Chinesse, German, Spanish and English students in there. His best friends are from Spain. He didn´t speak German when the entered the school. His favourite subjet is History.

He Can speak English, Spanish, Russian and a bit German.

He likes playing football and playing basketball.

He likes animals, his favourite animals are cats.

He likes Altzo a lot. He says it is easy to make new friends and that people are opener than in Germany.

His favourite food in the Basque Country are "Pintxos".

He plays the guitar.